Frequently Asked Questions

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About Stars Affiliate Club

How does the Stars Affiliate Club program work? Are there any costs associated with joining the Stars Affiliate Club program? How do I register to become a Stars Affiliate Club member? Do you accept affiliates from the US? Can I be an affiliate if I do not have a website? What are the website content requirements to be accepted as an affiliate? I have multiple websites; can I run them all under one account? How long will it take for my application to be reviewed? Do you accept sub-affiliates?

Payment Plans Offered

What Payment Plans does the Stars Affiliate Club program offer?

Tracking Players, Marketing Codes and Bonus Code

How will players / referrals be tracked to my affiliate account? What is a Tracker/Tracking code? Where do I get my tracking code? Can I use more than one tracking code? What is a bonus code? Do you have a sign-up bonus for new players? First deposit bonus?


What type of marketing materials will I be provided with? What is the Stars Affiliate Club stance on email marketing, or marketing on public forums? Do you allow rake-back? How will I be updated with your current promotions, so I can inform my players? What kind of incentives can I offer to my players? Can I offer Freerolls to my referred players? Can I display The Stars Group Branding on streaming and torrent websites?

Payments and Reports

How will I be paid? Is there a minimum amount of commission that I must earn to receive my payments? When will I receive my payment? How do I track my monthly referrals?


Where can I get support? I forgot my affiliate account password, how can I obtain a new one? I cannot access my affiliate account; I don't know my user name.